Harmony Sconce Lights [exclude unit no.]

 The perfect way to illuminate and elevate your home exteriors. Choose our Modern Aesthetics Lights today and experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and innovation. Together with our home unit no design, elevate the beauty of your home exteriors and impress your guests

Product are ready stock (unless otherwise stated).

  • Usb charged, no drilling & no electrical wiring needed
  • Sensor activated lights
  • Attached to your wall with provided magnetic strips
  • Refer to images for how to install & specifications

The effectiveness and performance of the sensor may vary based on individual usage and environmental factors. It is important to consider the placement, positioning and lighting conditions of the lights to ensure optimal functionality. 


While we strive to provide a high quality product, we cannot guarantee that sensor will meet all individual expectations for function flawlessly in all situations. Our product sold to you will ensure it can On and Off effectively, but not the sensor :) Please only purchase if you are comfortable. 

Do allow slight variation in wood tones and grain patterns of products.